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Our Story

A few years ago I joined Oranco Bowmen Archery Club and decided I wanted to lend a hand. They needed some help with score keeping so I volunteered.  At the time they were using a Microsoft Access database which worked well but had some limitations and was very time consuming.  As a software developer my job is to solve problems like this so I spent a few weekends in the office building our first version of our score keeping software and donated it to the club.  It was pretty basic.  Add the clubs event calendar, add archers to those events, track their scores and produce a ranking report at the end so we could hand out trophies and post the results to the clubs website.  We were pretty happy with the results.  We reduced the time it took to input registration and add scores by half and had the printed final results within minutes of getting the last score card.  Another advantage was that one person could easily handle scoreing an event with 250 archers or more and still have plenty of time to shoot a few arrows. As I met archers from other clubs I found that the majority of archery clubs where using spread sheets or pen and paper to score their events and few were posting the results to their sites.  Making version 1 available to other clubs was one solution but we had been using it for a couple years and in my research I found that there was alot of diversity in our sport and it needed an upgrade so we built ASN.


Custom designed for Archery

The Archers’ Score Network is a suite of software applications and cloud technology designed and developed specifically for Archery.  ASN provides an easy to use platform for archery clubs and pro shops to announce and score their events, produce reports for print or export to pdf or Excel and manage their archer list all in one application.

We started in the Cloud and built a Microsoft Azure SQL Database and added every Range, Club, Pro Shop and Archery Association we could find. Then we built version 2 of our score keeping application, called it ASN Club and connected it to our database so now when you are finished scoring your shoot you can synchronize your scores with the ASN Network and they are immediately available to the archers via this site and our archer app.

ASN Club

Our scorekeeping application walks you through adding your events, adding archers to them and keeping track of the scores for those archers. When you are all finished, you can print a ranking report for trophy presentation.

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Archer Scorekeeping

But there was still something missing so in phase 3 we built a personal score keeping app for the archer and called it ASN Archer.  This was a little more of a challenge because for this project we had to duplicate the score keeping process and put it in your pocket. We also had to get the scores and our range, club and pro shop info to the archers device.  ASN Archer is really two applications (one for Windows 8.1 devices and one for Windows Phone) that share their data using Microsoft Azure Mobile Services.  You can go out to your favorite range and shoot and score a round and when you are finished, sync your scores and they will be available on your desktop before you get back to the house

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